Who We Are

In 1995, Mr. Amrutlal Detroja, Founder, of this company, in partnership, established a Mosaic Floor Tiles Factory in Morbi, Gujrat. That was the foundation laid for Spentika Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. which came into being in 2011. Conceived by the second generation entrepreneur, the company has learnt from the rich history and experience of its predecessor. We are a proud Indian Ceramic Tile Company, representing considerable authority in the manufacturing and promoting of top of the line Ceramic Tiles and Sanitaryware products for each conceivable design, domestic or commercial use. With the backing of ultra-modern facilities and cutting edge technologies our ambitions take shape in –

Spentika Group manufactures, exports and distributes a huge variety of Design with many Sizes and Finishes.

  • HD Digitally Printed wall Tiles
  • Textured Porcelain Floor Tiles.
  • Double Charge Vitrified Tiles (Double Loading Porcelain Tiles).
  • Glaze Vitrified (Porcelain) Tiles.
  • Polished Glaze Vitrified (Porcelain) Tiles.
  • Soluble Salt Nano polished Vitrified (Porcelain) Tiles.
  • Heavy Duty Parking Tiles.
  • Bigger slabs Tiles.
  • Sanitary wares.
  • Bath fittings.
  • Flush tank and UF and PP Toilet Seat covers.

All or processes and products are identified and certified by international standards like CE, ISO(9001:14001), SLS, SLI and CRISIL recognized by regulatory bodies of Indian Government, needless to say that our products comes with assurance of the brand.

Spentika Ceramic has a powerful vision of what we intend to achieve with our brand. Our valuation of greatness has made way for our constant perfection, our Innovation and Quality are our enormous strength, which empowers the advancement of long haul projects, and the capacity to guarantee, our stakeholders and customers, the most elevated conceivable dependability over the long run. It is the prompt and amending nature of our business that we have been able to create products for the Indian customers and also been constantly able to serve our ever growing base of International clients. Our perceptiveness of our past has been the groundwork of our present and the company is steadfastly on its way stamped into the future of Tile industry not just in India but on its way of becoming a global leader.

Why Choose Us

Spentika Ceramic is a global organization, known all across India and many part of the world for delivering the most creatively specialized ceramic products and as the company which has excelled in its inventive operations. A mix of progressing interest in improving the production cycle, regular adaption to the most recent advances in designs and quality, and for a perpetual responsibility towards each part of its operations be it safety of the workforce and the customers or the environment for a minimal effect on it. All this has aided the rise of Spentika brand as a global leader for over 25 years.

When you choose us you are assured for a High Quality standard that we maintain across all our products while delivering the most affordable products. You will be choosing from anExtensive Collection of Designs and Colors fitting your every need. Each of our products is stressed to extract maximum Value for Money. You will experience the most Transparent business accompanied by a Hassle-free Payment System. All our products are packed and stacked in a durable and aestheticmanner for delivery.Being in close proximity with the Port and well-connected Road networks all our deliveries are Swift and convenient to any part in India or any other countries. We follow all the standards, both domestic and International, for an Errorless Documentation for a more Trustworthy experience with us. And all your deliveries are updated via email in every step of the way. Even long after we have delivered or products you are insured for any kind of support and follow up regarding our products.

The prospects in the Spentika Ceramicproducts range are never-ending: from visualization for those looking for a hint of personality and special style for their homes, to specialized solutions for a stimulating commercial project.Our Company continues to build on its strong foundation and grow towards becoming the world’s top Ceramic Company.

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