Founder & CMD's Desc


Back in 1995 when I decided and entered into the Mosaic Floor Tiles industries and had partnered to establish a venture in Morbi, I knew we were investing in a long-term plan and that this would be the sapling which would eventually grow up to be a fruitful tree one day. Our precedence is centeredon two primary vocations that is Products and Services.

Through my sons, who helm the Spentika Group my vision has come to fruition and to witness the continuous success of the company it has been a sheer joy. The same is of course due to the unwavering values that we strongly adhere to.Our stakeholders, our end users, our beloved team, the work culture, and the environment - we are committed to the well being of all these detrimental elements. And it is because of such values that the company has grown leaps and bounds.

Our philosophy is greatly dependent on estimations of Quality, Innovations, Customer needs and uncompromised hard work. Quality is an intrinsic component of Spentika Ceramic. We hold our integrity and professionalism to the paramount importance and it is the backbone of the company. Lastly, it if our thirst to constantly thrive for best quality in our products while coming up with the industry latest innovations to keep all our stakeholders contented and that eventually puts us a market leader in the Indian domestic circuits and a globally renowned exporter.

Founder, Spentika Group


Mr. Paresh A. Detroja

Quality and Innovation – two things, two driving forces for the rise of Spentika Ceramic. It was a vision that was passed to me which I can gladly see come true in the success of the venture which was so proudly initiated in 2011.

Having never swayed from our original goal of constantly challenging ourself and outdoing ourself when it comes to developing the most superior products; I can absolutely state without any qualms that we struck gold with our unceasing efforts to bring to you the most innovated and the best-in-class products of the future.

It was a definite risk when we expanded our manufacturing to Porcelain Tiles and Double Charge Vitrified Tiles but that risk has paid off and we have steadily established ourselves not just in the Indian market but also have stepped on the gas towards a steep market capture in the International arena.

Our consumers are the main stakeholders for us and we have designed our work and products keeping them the core of it.And we hope that the through their support we will be able to overcome any obstacle along the way. For me and Spentika Ceramic Group the journey has just started and with every benchmark breach we persist to move ahead towards a newer goal.

Paresh A. Detroja
Managing Director, Spentika Group