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The process of the production of a tile is complex. Every day we have to test the raw materials in the laboratory to maintain the standards of the tile. During the production of a tile, it goes through following key machineries:

The raw materials mixture is mixed with the water to produce a slurry.

The slurry is then sprayed from the top of a dryer and the machine evaporates the slurry and produces the powder.


The raw material powder is stored in bulk as per the batch number of the mixture.


The raw material is pressed with heavy force to make the biscuit tile. The press use two techniques : By Mould and By Belt.


The biscuit tile is passed through the dryer to remove excess moisture from it.

Compensator is reserved for the cases in emergencies. When the production line is stopped due to some technical fault ahead, the tile is emptied from the compensator. Thus the production line is not completely at halt.

We use the latest state of the art digital printing machinery at our factories. We have machines from creta print, system and durst.


The kiln is the most important machinery in any ceramic / porcelain factory. The temperature goes as high as 1300 degree celsius and it is crucial to maintain the parameters for proper baking of any tile.

In case of polished tiles, the tile surface is passed through machinery which polish the tile with the help of abrasives. After that the tile is rectified and edges are chamfered.


Each tile is sorted manually to get the batch number. After that it is packed into boxes accordingly.


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